Friday, April 23, 2010

What To Do

For the first time...maybe all school year...I didn't have to get dressed and leave the house this morning. Rob is going on E2's field trip, so he walked E3 to school at her start time and met up with E2's class. I'm still in my pajamas.

I've also got laundry going.

There is a huge, scattered list of things I could be doing...but I don't want to do any of them.

  • I should figure out what to make for dinner tonight.
  • I should figure out how to put my laundry room back together.
  • I should clean E3's room from top to bottom since she'll be gone enjoying her birthday dinner and shopping night with the in-law's.
  • I should clean my own room from top to bottom because it really needs it.
  • I should clean out the fridge.
  • I should erase some stuff from the upstairs computer.

The list could go on and the earth, world peace, etc.

I'm sorely tempted to escape to the school library and work there for a while. It's nice being able to walk away from a project and not having it's 'incompleteness' stare at you. I think that's why I like to volunteer there - it gives me a feeling of accomplishment without the constant "but you're not done yet" physical reminder (at least not while I'm away from it) and the motivation then carries over into the rest of my day.

Then again, I may just lounge in my pajamas all day...or take a really long shower...or a really long nap. The possibilities...

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