Monday, March 15, 2010

Delicate Flower

It's been Monday all know since last week Monday. I had so much motivation about a month ago...decluttering was happening, I was working out regularly. Then the week before we left for Tulsa I got a cold - of course, because I can no longer travel without getting a cold - and to afford myself a chance at getting well before we departed I took it easy that week or so before we left.

I was a total slug while in Tulsa, not working out even though there was all the time in the world and plenty of exercise equipment at my disposal.

We got back from Tulsa on a Sunday and the next day it was back to the usual weekly schedule...and by, oh...mid-week?...I was dealing with upper respiratory crap again. I'm beginning to think I'm allergic to my house.

Also, mid-day the Monday we returned I developed a serious kink in my neck...from...driving the day before, I guess? Who knows...but there were two chiropractor visits thrown in for good measure.

If only I were built as sturdy as antique metal sculpture, eh?

This is my week though - I can feel it...and I'll probably feel it after my first workout...

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Glenda said...

Anytime I've been in a good exercise groove, invariably upper respiratory crud hits and knocks me out of my groove . . . and sometimes I don't get back into it for a L-O-N-G time.

I hope this week does, indeed, end up being your week :).