Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gloom, Despair, And Agony On Me

I was all set to hop on here last week and announce something very important. So VERY important. Are you ready?

My butt has not missed the bleacher-sitting of volleyball season.

I know; astounding, right?

My butt, my hips, my lower back...all aching after an hour when I finally begged E1 to go home. How will I ever make it through the season?

Sitting through E2's basketball games isn't as bad...maybe because they only last about 40 minutes...it's those last 20 minutes that do me in, I guess.

I was waylaid in my passing on that urgent news by E3 coming down with some upper respiratory junk. She missed school on Friday, AND on Monday, AND TODAY AND THAT ALMOST MADE ME CONTINUE THE REST OF MY NIGHT IN ALL CAPS! Seriously, that child can drain my energy in ways the other two have never tried. Her 'Reactive Airway' flared up and our usual form of treatment just wasn't cutting it anymore. As I sat here earlier this evening with a list of things I needed to do/research online and an Internet connection that was (and had been all day)...gone, or something...head in my hands, deep-breathing, I noticed that every time she coughed (cough, cough, coughcoughcoughHACK!) I would tense up...and realized that it was a stress-reaction not unlike what I had when she cried as an infant.

So I escaped by way of attending a Booster Club Meeting and earned E2's teacher $10 for her classroom (highest percentage of parents in attendance).

Things are looking up though...E3 got meds today, and I'm not afraid to beg her teacher to keep her for at least half the day tomorrow if necessary.

*Title brought to you by___?


Glenda said...

===I would tense up...and realized that it was a stress-reaction not unlike what I had when she cried as an infant.===

Oh wow, now that you mention it, when Andrew's reactive airway kicks up and it's a constant coughcoughcough, I very quickly get stressed out & it's a stressed-out feeling like no other stressed-out feeling, and I get there FAST -- but, yeah, I can absolutely make the connection in my brain that it's EXACTLY how I felt when he was an infant and criedcriedcried for hours on end. Interesting observation on your part!

Glad your girl got some meds. Do they put her on oral steroids? Andrew's ped will do that if it gets to the coughing nearly nonstop point, and it's a mixed blessing -- it helps get the cough under control, but by about the 4th day of the oral steroid it's starting to take a toll on his emotions.

Do you run a cool mist humidifier throughout winter? We've done that this winter and it's seemed to help quite a bit.

Nancy R said...

Glenda, our general protocol is Mucinix (regular, or with cough supressant), decongestant (thanks be- they finally started offering the REAL stuff in kids liquid behind the pharmacy counter), her Albuterol inhaler, and a cool mist humidifier.

When it moves up to 'see the dr' level they give her oral steroids and sometimes antibiotics.

Her Kg teacher was so happy to see her today.

Robo said...

Your title is courtesy of Hee Haw. How could you forget? Time to send you to your parents to watch the DVD's....