Friday, January 29, 2010

S'No Excuses

This week got away from me, and now it's Friday before I'm first checking in...such a slacker.

It snowed, can that be my excuse?

They don't know I took these...shhh!

An hour or so after school we had advanced to project snowman.

I camped out on the front porch, only going places my zoom would allow.

Whoa - hey! Where did that come from?

Gasp! I've been spotted.

The final result: Sassy Snowman.

Sassy is wearing the latest in Snow Fashion. A double-bucket hat, accessorized by an ivy scarf, really sets off his acorn cap brown eyes, don't you think?

1 comment:

Katie's blog said...

Love the pics! My boys saw a snowman in someone's yard the other day, and wondered where the snow came from....I guess they thought the snowman had just been made, as the rest of the snow in the yard had melted.