Friday, August 14, 2009

Where Does One Buy Some Common Sense?

Today I had a meeting at school...a meeting with the K teachers, cafeteria workers, and Superintendent...regarding the peanut policies at school. My girls agreed to walk along and play on the school playground. As they walked away from me toward the playground, the custodian (who was power-washing the front walk, etc) informed me the front door was locked and I would have to use "that door over there"...and I mistakenly understood 'that door' to be the one by the cafeteria. So that is what I called to the girls as they were walking away, "The front door is locked - you'll need to use the door by the cafeteria." Then I headed that way, only to realize that Mr. W the custodian meant the door by the music room - there was an "Enter building here." sign and everything. I did not go and tell the girls - confident that on their way to the cafeteria door they'd see the sign.

E2, tired of the playground, entered the building the same way I did.

E3 and E1 remained outside until E3 complained that it was too hot and she wanted a drink of water and then they began their trek to enter the building...they bypassed the music room door with the sign and continued to the cafeteria door, which was locked without anyone nearby (the cafeteria ladies were in the meeting with me). So, knowing E3 was thirsty, E1 set off on a 5-6 block walk to the park where she knew there is a water fountain and then walked back again.

Nice survival skills at least, right?

Sure, except that in addition to completely missing the 'Enter building here' sign, she didn't even try any of the other doors of the building - the building where she's been attending school for six years so she knows where all the entrances are...not to mention she could have turned left after the first block of their walk to the park, to walk the half of a block to HOME where we also have WATER...or at the very least walked a block to the hardware store and asked them to charge a bottle of water to our account.

She complained about having to carry E3 half of the way back...and she still needed E2's guidance from inside the building so they could enter upon their return.

They're both smart girls, E1 and E2 (so is E3, but in this case she was following E1's lead so I consider her exempt) how? who? why? huh?


Ali said...

The way kids' brains work can be mystifying sometimes!

Julia said...

That's funny. Trust me, your kids aren't the only ones. I think it's cool that you have a hardware store with an accout.

Ali said...

Me too, Julia! It's like Walnut Grove or something.

Nancy R said...

WAAAY back when we first got married they were still a grocery store/hardware store. You could walk over from grocery and buy some bolts before you checked out with your food! Now, they're all hardware and the old grocery side is full of rental items (tillers, power washers, etc.)

It's a 96 year-old family business, and during the early part of my stay-at-home career they were often my only adult contact during the day. I'd stop in to talk even if I didn't have to buy anything.

The account thing is nice though - I don't think they do it for just anyone...but Rob worked for them when he was in high school and they jokingly refer to him and a couple of other guys who used to work for them as their sons (they have two daughters). The girls are old enough now that we just send them up there to pick up things for us (batteries, lightbulbs...) - we even have our own 'green' shopping bag for trips to the hardware store.