Monday, August 10, 2009

The Looming Giant

Catsup Bottle, Collinsville, IL

My To-Do list - that's the looming giant. As in - so giant I haven't even created it yet...or, well, not completed it anyway. Beyond my daily 'to-do', or even weekly 'to-do', I want to create a GRAND 'TO-DO". Not necessarily a Mighty Life List, but more of a I'm tired of ___ and I'm not going to take it any more kicking butt and taking names kind of 'to-do' list. Because I've decided if nothing else, what I want to do with myself this year is to end all the procrastination projects I've got going on around here.

Right now:

! I cleaned out (off?) the cookbook shelf the other day...while I don't actually have a lot of cookbooks, I had all sorts of clipped and printed recipes tucked every which where in books, in between books, under books. So, I pulled out every one of those fly-away recipes - about a 6" stack - and I'm sorting through them a little at a time. I need a better system of trying recipes as I come across them so I can decide if they're keepers or not.

Next up:

! Bins of stored clothing will be ruthlessly sorted because we literally have more girl clothing stored than my girls can wear and they love it all and can't bear the thought of leaving that clothing growing lonely...or something. So, during school hours I will be eliminating the stuff I don't like and don't want to see them wearing...and any polyester I can...which will serve the dual purpose of avoiding clothing arguments in the future. I always wonder why I leave the stuff I don't like in the bins... My goal is to have 4 bins total of clothing waiting to be grown-into: one for E1, one for E3, and two for E2 (because E1 outgrows quicker than E2 grows-into).

The list is still growing...T'will be The Year of Accomplishment...well, school year anyway.

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Glenda said...

Good luck tackling those procrastination projects!

I can relate to the recipes one. I've about got my "recipes to try" habit under control (finally!), but I would like to take those that I've torn out of magazines or printed off the 'net and have deemed "keepers" and get them put into my recipe box.

One of my big procrastination projects that I kept under control until late last year / early this year was ordering pics and getting them put into albums regularly. Now I'm back to having a stack of pics to stick into albums. I don't mind doing it, and I utilize the "imprint date" feature on our camera so that sorting pics into albums by date is easy peasy, so I really have no excuse for procrastinating on this project, other than, you know, too many projects + not enough hours in the day!