Saturday, June 27, 2009


We didn't walk.

The temperature and humidity conspired and gave us some weather to rival New Orleans. It's steamy and steamy with all the steaminess. For a short time, we considered just participating in the 1-mile walk (as opposed to the 3-mile walk)...but then we'd be driving an hour to walk for a half and hour...and it just didn't make sense. And it's hot and steamy. Did I mention the steaminess? Why must the walk be in June? June is steamy.

Our off-line donations were brought over by my brother and his wife, and if we get t-shirts anyway I'll still give it away. If not, I've got last year's - washed, but never worn (I prefer v-neck to crew neck) that I'll give away instead.


Glenda said...

I wouldn't walk in these temps either. You've gotta wonder why certain things are scheduled in the dead of summer . . . our city used to have this big huge festival every June, when it's 100+ out and not too much shade to be had. Weird!

Anyhoo, glad you scared up some donations =).

Don't include me for the t-shirt drawing -- I'm a v-neck gal too.

Ali said...

Sorry the weather wasn't conducive to walking, but I'm sure you made the right choice!