Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updates! Again!

E1's eyelid is back to normal size as of yesterday morning...but she's sporting a look of eyeshadow on that eyelid. That will go eventually too, right?
E2's schedule is going to be CRAZY with the play practices on top of gym and softball. CRAZY! I emailed the director with my concerns about missing practices and her reply in a nutshell was: she won't be the only one, I love the new kids, BRING IT!

E3's Butterflies have been released, and there's talk of ordering more to further her plans of butterfly world domination.

Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, jump up, and jump down!

ACORNS! At least 18 are sprouting into trees, my friends. Eighteen! Oak! Trees! Now I'm fretting about where to plant and how to protect them all so critters don't nibble on them. Earth Day bonus points for me! (I know Earth Day is over - shush)

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Ali said...

*Snort!* Butterfly world domination. Just one more little reminder of why I like you guys so much.

(My word verification is jugglys. That one's open to a variety of interpretations.)