Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Monster Eye

My day was thrown off track due to a visit to the doctor's office. E1 has one swollen eyelid; the white of her eye is clear, and the other eye is fine. We're not sure if it's just irritation or if it's something more sinister like an infection, but we're treating it like an infection.

Meanwhile, she doesn't want to be seen. Yesterday at school the eyelid in question got a lot of attention...so much attention that E1 asked after school if she could stay home today. At the time, we figured the swelling was due to a mosquito bite near her eye and I told her no. However, before bed last night it was looking more puffy and this morning her eyelid no longer had a crease...and so she stayed home and I called the doctor.

She is feeling fine, she just can’t see out of that eye very well due to the swelling, and she’s “embarrassed” and “humiliated” to be seen “looking like a monster”. In emailing with her teacher about homework, I told Mrs. A that, and commented that hopefully the meds make it look better because the dr said there’s no reason she can’t go to school, so she’ll be back tomorrow.

Mrs. A replied:

Tell her it is okay. She will never look like a monster to me. She will always be beautiful to me! She can hang out inside for recess if she doesn’t want to go out with her eye.

That Mrs. A, she's good people...sniff


Glenda said...

Aw, poor punkin. It's no fun having anything unusual going on on the face. I'd treat it like an infection too -- Andrew had something weird puff up his eye like that, and we did antibiotic eye drops and it cleared right up. Better safe than sorry, especially with the eyes.

Mrs. A. definitely does sound like good people :).

Anonymous said...

I love Mrs. A!

Aunt Christine