Monday, March 23, 2009

My Saga Of Woe Continues

Our computer is being held hostage by a virus. Rob has been working feverishly to figure just what is going on so he can look online for a fix, but last night he had to call in back-up in the form of online assistance. Hopefully, I'll be back down there in my usual spot soon.

I've been checking my email remotely from our upstairs computer here - it's the computer the kids use for playing games, listening to music, and checking their email, but it randomly shuts down. My more frequent use of it of late has us realizing how much it shuts down...or maybe it's bailing out more often because we're using it more...who knows. But we might take it in for a look-see when all is well with the other computer.

So, I'm checking my email, and my yahoo email, as well as quick run-throughs on Facebook. But I don't have my address book, my calendar, or my favorites up here, so if email addresses, or website addresses aren't somehow lodged in my brain I'm not able to visit (Glenda, Ali, Julia, and anyone else, please email your blog addresses to NrolvesATyahooDOTcom - thanks!)

Of course, I can't move any photos from my camera to the computer either. And naturally, there are many that I think I'd love to post here...nice excuse for blog slackerness that I can't, eh? The basement room we've been working on is nearly finished, for example, but you all will just have to wait to see the final results.

I'm still having major post-nasal drip from my cold which was over a month ago. I have no photos of this. You're welcome.

In the meantime, I'll share a recipe we created this week. Inspired by some WELL past it's prime Chex snack mix that isn't 'peanut okay' for E3, we mixed up a snack mix of yummy things she likes based on the items I had in the pantry.

E3's Snack Mix

Mix equal parts of:

Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal (we like the brown sugar flavor)
Honey Nut Cheerios
Teddy Grahams, chocolate chip flavor

The mix was such a hit that we made a large batch and brought it to yesterday's family visit to Aunt Amy in honor of her birthday (which is today - Happy Birthday, Amy! If you're her 'friend' on facebook go say HI.), but this time we added:

Rold Gold tiny twist pretzels

Snack away, my friends

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Glenda said...

Bummer about the computer woes. And the post-cold woes (yes, thanks for not sharing photos!).

I emailed ya at the yahoo addy =)