Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spewing Forth

  • I've been sucked in by FaceBook. For a few years now my FB friends have been people 20 years younger than me; I got pulled-in by my Godchild, and then a few of Rob's cousins found and 'friended' me. Suddenly, there's a deluge of people my age signing up and I'm finding former co-workers and high school classmates. I'm sure the younger set sees this as an 'old people invasion'.
  • I can't see the octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman without thinking she looks remarkably like Angelina Jolie.
  • E1 did end up taking a sick day from school today after waking at 5am sporting a fever, to tell me her throat really hurt.
  • She did well in her first volleyball game last night, getting at least one serve and one volley over the net. Sadly, she will miss any chance of an encore at tonight's game because she won't be attending.
  • E3 has attacked every door knob in the house with antibacterial wipes - her own version of a (much needed) germ-killing spree.
  • Rob and I need to shop for floor tile, but volleyball games, volleyball practices, and sick kids are preventing this. As a result, a portion of our basement is naked.
  • E2 has gotten the okay to move up another level in gymnastics - it's been less than a year since her last move, which is awesome. The next level is on a different night, the same night as Brownies, and we don't know yet if our car-pooling pal (also a Brownie scout) will be moving up as well. So for the time being, she's staying put and they will do their best to keep her challenged. Feel free to send money to fund her Olympic aspirations.
  • E1 turned 11 last week and is ready to shop with some birthday money. Volleyball games, volleyball practice, and sickness are preventing this as well.
  • Dancing With The Stars begins a new season in less than a month - SQUEE!


Beth said...

Where does E2 take gymnastics?

Nancy R said...

Beth, she's at World Class.