Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toes, Bunk Beds, Girl Scout Cookies, and Dancing

I treated myself to a pedicure today since we have a wedding to attend this weekend and I think I'll be braving the cold weather to wear sandal-type heels. My other black heels look more business-like than recreational. So, the tootsies are now sporting OPI's Bastille My Heart.

Do you have any idea how much nice wood bunk beds cost? And that's without the mattress AND without the bunking boards that are recommended under the mattress for support AND if we ever want to use them as NOT bunk beds it's recommended we get actual box springs for under the mattress. It's A LOT, that's how much.

We are intermittently delivering Girl Scout cookies that E1 sold last month - my goal is to have them all in the hands of their purchasers by Friday. Wish us luck.

Dancing With The Stars Results show tonight! Are you watching? Who do you think should go home tonight? I think either Warren and Kim or Cheryl and...can't think of Olympic Running Dude's name.... Anyway, we'll be having popcorn tonight while we watch.

Thanks to all our Veteran's and Current Military Personnel for all you do and all you've done.

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