Monday, November 10, 2008

Is It Wednesday Yet?

The kids (E1, E2, and nephew F) had early dismissal from school on Friday for parent/teacher conferences (even though we'd already had ours on Thursday), AND today as well.

I was irritable and cranky all of this long, never-ending day. Even sending the kids down the street to the playground at school didn't help my attitude. I dozed off on the couch for a while this afternoon, after once again asking the kids that they just play something that doesn't involve running around and screaming like wild animals. I think that lasted all of 30 minutes.

By dinner this evening E1 was snarking at E2 and I had to set things straight, "Hey. Only one of us is allowed to be cranky and impatient at a time. Today is MY day." May as well establish those rules early.

Usually I'm glad to have the girls home on days off of school, but today was a completely different story...and it's not over.

Tomorrow there's no school for Veteran's Day.


Glenda said...

I agree with the "only one of us can be cranky at a time" rule ;-).

robo said...

Put the little suckers to work. That's what Gpa Bob always did. If that doesn't work, go to Gma Carol's plan and hit them with a stick.

Anonymous said...

Gma Carol was off today....send them over there to clean.


Heather said...

I bet Uncle Len could put them to work out on the farm picking up rocks or something if you need a break. He's always good at coming up with fun projects like that!

Glenda said...

Heather's comment reminds me of some of the stuff my granddad had my brothers do when we stayed with my g-parents over the summer: replace every single screw in the siding of their mobile home was one project; another was to pull every single sticker weed plant, which actually paid off because we could eventually walk barefooted thru the grass! I'm guessing my brothers would say wearing shoes would've been their preference ;-).