Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tell Me About Your Wii

Do you have a Wii?

If yes, please leave a review in the comments.

The Management.


Glenda said...

I'm about to go play Wii with Andrew. What specific-type of info are you looking for???

If you're thinking about getting one for your family, I'd highly recommend picking up Animal Crossing: City Folk, which will be released mid-month -- the Animal Crossing games are one of the most all-ages user-friendly games out there. And they're loads of fun to wi-fi with other people with.

Throw out more details about what kind of info you're looking for and I'll be glad to give you my and Andrew's perspectives.

Robo said...

Glenda, your post is helpful already in that you feel the game has some value. We like that some of the games at least make you get up off the couch. We wonder about accessories and how many we need and which ones are indispensible.

Does the Wi-Fi work well? I wondered if the speed would be slow and cause some players to be at a disadvantage.

Morningx4 said...

My husband & I just got the Wii through Amazon. We love it. Talk about laugh...We're in our 60's & this guy has got us & movin'. How do you work up a sweat signing on...My husband Jim did trying to set up his "mini-mii" creature. I bought Wii Fit for myself (there is a need to loose about 40lbs) & unfortunately I sprained my ankle the next day out in the yard. But anyway, I can't wait...I bought an additional 3 remotes so when 4 in the family want to play against each other they can...We love it

Nancy R said...

Yes, like Rob said, we're looking for nitty-gritty stuff like how many remotes should we get for our family of 5? How often are the nunchucks used? Is a charger a worthwhile item?

Glenda said...

We don't have a charger -- we use rechargeable batteries for all our gaming gear =).

As for number of wiimotes, it depends on which games you end up utilizing the most. We have 3 wiimotes, but generally only 2 at a time are used. We have 3 for when Andrew + 2 cousins want to play Smash Bros. Brawl -- it doesn't happen often, but it's nice to be able to accommodate that desire so one kid isn't left sitting on the sidelines.

The Wii should come with one wiimote and one nunchuk. I'd recommend adding one more wiimote and one more nunchuk. Once you guys figure out which games will be used the most, you can purchase additional wiimotes and nunchuks to meet your needs.

If you get Mario Kart Wii, the Wii steering wheels are more user-friendly to use for that than the regular wiimotes. This is a REALLY fun family game, so having the steering wheels was worthwhile for us. The wiimotes just fit into the steering wheel, so the wiimote is actually doing all the work, but comfort-wise the wheel is far superior, in our opinions, than trying to hold the wiimote sideways.

The wi-fi is only as good as your internet connection. Sometimes there's a lag when we're wi-fi'ing with other people, but other times there's not. It *is* very frustrating when you're gaming with other people via wi-fi and the game is lagging. We honestly don't use the wi-fi feature much anymore . . . tho that will likely change when we pick up the new Animal Crossing game in a couple weeks. (As an aside, Andrew experiences lag when playing Halo 3 via Xbox 360 and we experience it when wi-fi'ing with our Nintendo DSs, so it's gonna happen, no matter how smokin' your internet connection may be.)

Wii games are not cheap, so if you have someplace locally that rents them out, I'd recommend doing that. There are also online places (ex: Gamefly) where you can rent them, much like Netflix, and that's worked for us too. Reading other players' reviews on Gamefly was pretty helpful. It's not uncommon for us to rent a game and then end up buying it (did that today, in fact, with Lego Batman).

Favorite Wii games around here: Mario Kart, Wii Sports (should come with the Wii), Wii Play, all three Lego games (high up on our list of favorite mom-n-kid two-player games), Mario Party 8, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Plus the Animal Crossing: City Folk game that comes out in a few weeks (we have other Animal Crossing games and know this will be a favorite). Other than AC:CF, all these games are multi-player games.

One of Andrew's favorite Wii games is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's a one-player game, and I couldn't play it -- too complicated for my old fingers LOL. But I watched him play thru the whole game and found it to be fantastic -- I wish I had the skills to play it myself.

He's tried various Mario and various Sonic games before, but found them frustratingly-challenging, so we finally quit renting and buying them. The Mario and Sonic games on GameCube and on the handheld systems were more do-able for him.

Other than Wii Sports, the sports games are not our thing. Other than Mario Kart, racing games are not our thing. So I can't offer up suggestions on those genres. Gamefly or other online gaming sources are handy for that.

I recommend bookmarking and making use of it if / when you get stuck on a game. Gamers write walk-throughs and post them there for free. Gamefaqs has saved us from throwing gaming remotes into the tv screen a time or two (um, like today, when we had a huge glitch while playing Lego Batman!!).

Anything else???

Glenda said...

Oh, I bet the dancing games might be a hit in a household with 3 girls! Read some user reviews about those. You might like the music games too (Rock Band, or whatever works for Wii). Neither of these genres are our thing, either, but I bet you can easily find reviews online for them.

robo said...

Yeah Glenda, one other thing, can you come and hook it up for us?