Thursday, November 06, 2008

Conferences Rock!

Tonight I clicked through to this BlogHer article about making the most of parent-teacher conferences with interest. We had ours this afternoon, and as usual we headed into it with a relaxed air...with Rob fully intending to leave a harassing note a few pages ahead in a notebook of each girl.

You see, E1 and E2 have had no issues as of yet. Conferences are a time we look forward to because the teachers tell us how great the girls are...and for the most part they are, forgetfulness and talkativeness aside. Mentally, we're totally giving ourselves fist-pumps in the air even though they're really doing the work.

Oh, there was that one time back when E1 was in First Grade when we learned that she was eating PB&J at school nearly every day - even though she was giving us detailed descriptions of the meals she was eating in the lunchroom. All of Kindergarten she'd brought her lunch, and almost always it was PB&J. I made her eat the school lunch one time when they were having burgers (something I knew she liked) so she would at least have a working knowledge of the lunch line, but otherwise it was her choice to bring a lunch and that continued into First Grade.

Well, somewhere along the line she realized that the school serves their PB&J on white bread...and here at home we have whole wheat.

Tonight, E2's teacher relayed something that happened at a teaching workshop she and a few other teachers in the school have attended. They were each to bring a sample of poor student writing and excellent student writing. She brought some of E2's writing as her sample of excellent writing, and E1's teacher (also in attendance) brought E1's writing as her sample of excellent writing. Future bloggers!

So, our kids are doing well and it's nice to get that positive feedback from someone who's not their immediate relative. In fact, I don't think we'll know how to react if E3 doesn't follow the same path as her sisters have paved it with great expectations.


robo said...

I know exactly how I'll react if E3 doesn't perform to proper level. Severe thumpings will ensue, along with threats to re-open the coal mine so she can work in it.

Nancy R said...

Hopefully this will fix Rob's link:

Coal Mine