Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve

On this election eve, while I'm pouting because I just learned the Dancing With The Stars results show is being pushed to Wednesday night due to election coverage, I figured I'd finally throw out my two cents on this post.

My initial reaction was similar to what Glenda left in the comments:

She thinks race doesn't enter into this at all?!?! I'm truly astounded someone can believe that.

My first thought was very much a bewildered "seriously?" As a matter of fact, I read the article one night as I was waiting at E2 gymnastics class. It's difficult to keep my focus on reading at gymnastics because it's like having ringside seats at the Olympic warm-ups or something. CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING. Sometimes I lose track of where E2 is in the gym because I get caught up in watching the older girls.

Anyway, I read the interview with Michelle Obama. Then I took a break to watch the gymnasts. SERIOUSLY. CAN'T. STOP. Gymnastics has to be one of the coolest sports to watch.

Then I began reading the interview with Cindy McCain. When I got to her answer I literally shook my head slightly, not sure that I had read it right (see gymnastic distraction above).

I reread the McCain answer. Then I flipped back to the Obama interview, wondering if they had asked her the question as well. Of course they had, and that's when I was struck by the difference.

Now, I'm from a not so diverse, mostly rural area of the Midwest and that was MY reaction so naturally I thought to put it out here to the Internets to see if I was alone.

Ali, as usual, summarized things so clearly...

I think that Michelle Obama had put some thought into her answer and Cindy McCain hadn't. She's not in a position where she needs to put thought into that particular issue--and that in itself says that race is an issue. Because the Obamas do need to think about it.

Overall, I've been paying more attention to this election. Not just because there have been some funny things done and said on both sides...and on Saturday Night Live...but because I feel really fortunate to be witnessing all that's happening at this time in our country. There are so many new facets that we've never seen before in an election, from the candidates themselves to the technology covering them.

I'm looking forward to the results.

Also, to the end of the political ads.

PS: I missed Primetime SNL tonight due to gymnastics and Dancing With The Stars. Was it good?

PPS: Susan Lucci needs to leave DWTS. Sorry all you fans of Days of our Lives, or whatever show she'd on.

PPSS: E3 is maintaining her vote for white hair.

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Lisa said...

Hi lady,

I've been thinking of you and the fam. Hope you are great. Now that you've written about the article I need to go read it.