Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is There Race In The Race?

I picked up this month's Good Housekeeping because of the cover photo of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. It's a show that makes me appreciate how simple my life really is and I've been eager to read the article ever since the cover shoot was featured on their show. Little did I know the issue was chock full of other interesting things (and I'm only about halfway through).

As I was reading through the rest of the magazine earlier this week I came across interviews by Good Housekeeping's Editor In Chief Rosemary Ellis with both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. The interview questions are basically the same, save for a few added in when the interview answers changed the course of things. What struck me was the difference in the responses to this question:

Do you think this election has changed how we think about race? Why or why not?

Michelle Obama

Cindy McCain (scroll to halfway down the page)

I'd like to hear what you think about their answers.


thatgirlblogs said...

I can only speak for myself - race was never an issue. Change, and each candidate's definition of Change, were what mattered to me.

Obama '08

Glenda said...

"I think Americans are good-hearted, open-minded people and race doesn't enter into this — at all. I believe in the great spirit and intelligence of Americans." -- Wow, Cindy McCains's pretty insulated. She thinks race doesn't enter into this at all?!?! I'm truly astounded someone can believe that. Although race (or gender) were never an issue in this household, go sit in a restaurant in this town or any of the rural communities surrounding our city and you will hear that race (or gender) most definitely DO enter into this for some people. It crosses all socio-economic boundaries. Should it be that way? No. Is it that way? Yes.

Obama '08

Ali said...

I think that Michelle Obama had put some thought into her answer and Cindy McCain hadn't. She's not in a position where she needs to put thought into that particular issue--and that in itself says that race is an issue. Because the Obamas do need to think about it.

I'd love to live in a country where I could confidently say "No American would vote for McCain just because he's the white guy." Maybe one day we'll get there.

Robo said...

The only thing that struck me as truly different was their take on whether race played any role. It seems to me that people, especially whites, have been conditioned not to 'notice' race and her answer reflected that. I can only imagine how the press would twist the words if she said anything about race. I would have to believe that everyone, including the McCains, know there will be some people that will be voting solely on race.