Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Move Things Along

Or at least down the page.

Ali, no worries. You didn't sound like a dolt - as I said, it's a good tune...just sad lyrics.

Amy is settling in as well as can be. Nelson reports a few smiles, and she's more receptive to visitors. Things are still a little rocky, as the nursing home has had ALS patients in the past but doesn't seem to have any practical knowledge of ALS patients...if that makes sense, but Nelson is working on a few things that should hopefully make things better all around.

So! With that, I think all of you all should go read Mir's WantNot site today. Mir has some good information, particularly for any of you young whippersnappers just entering the real world.

It will help you manage saving for retirement while figuring out how to support your second child who wants to go to the Olympics for both gymnastics and swimming.

And, I'll leave you with my new favorite song....with Hawaii footage to boot...

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