Friday, July 11, 2008

Call Me Nurse Nancy

Rob had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and I've been caught up in following the discharge information sheet to the letter: installing and removing gauze pads, administering ice packs, handing out doses of pain medicine and antibiotics (and writing down the time of those doses so I don't forget), serving up cold foods, and of course, eating those same cold foods sympathetically.

I wouldn't want him to have to eat ice cream all by his lonesome.

Hopefully my numerous trips up and down the stairs are counter-acting the eating.

He's in some pain, but other than a comment here or there he hasn't really complained...or even whimpered, which I think I would be doing in the same situation.

He also reports that it's possible to grow tired of eating ice cream.

I may try to get a photo of the teeth later- the top two were removed intact, but the bottom two they had to bust up. The girls were impressed by the teeth when they returned home from an overnight stay at Grandma and Grandpa's last night. Look at the size of the roots!

Oooh, do you think the tooth fairy came?


Glenda said...

Owwwww, poor Rob. Four at once!

One of my brothers had a wisdom tooth removed and he was amazed & appalled at how long the roots were. Just the discussion about it makes me turn a little green . . .

Imagine the haul if the tooth fairy claimed FOUR teeth at once!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, if you can get pictures of him at all angles so I could see his puffy cheeks and laugh, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Rob's loving sister