Monday, June 30, 2008

Back! With Photo Gifts!

I'm back, with a new wireless router to replace the one that was lording over our Internet connection like the Soup Nazi.
My kids? Gone camping with Grandma T and four other cousins.
I've got bedclothes in the wash, and while I should be doing a boatload of cleaning I'm running off to deliver some things to my sister and skip out for lunch at the same time. While the mice are away, the cat's gonna play!
I've got my vacation photos uploaded, but I'm waiting on a few others...remember film cameras? I used my last four rolls of color film while on vacation and any day now I'm expecting email notice that says "We've uploaded your photos!".
Until then, I have two photo souvenirs to share with friend-readers:
First, for my friend Glenda, we saw this on our way to lunch after the ALS Walk on Saturday. Glenda, if you ever make a visit to St. Louis...

I wonder if the bowlers dress like that?

And for Dana's penchant for flinging away the negative, we saw this in Mansfield, MO.:

A Trebuchet for Dana - I hope it's the right size!


Mommy of Three said...

Cute blog! You take great pictures! Thanks for visiting my site! I love your idea about making frilly dipes! :)

Lisa said...

I was wondering how the camping trip went. Thanks for letting me walk with you guys on Saturday.

Glenda said...

Love the Pin-Up Bowl pic -- thanks for thinking of me!! How cute it would be to dress up like that gal to bowl, but then you'd put on the bowling shoes and ruin the look ;-)