Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now With More Bran

Well, looka there. I've gone and whipped past my 300th post so quickly I didn't notice until five entries later. I know. I should slow down this fevered pace of mine, right?

A while ago I wrote about our family's discovery of All-Bran with Yogurt Bites (only at the time I thought they were Yogurt Bits), the difficulty in locating a reliable supply, and how the commercial - one I had seen but not really noticed - surprised me a little. That entry is here.

Since then, our enjoyment of All-Bran with Yogurt Bites has continued, and the trouble in finding the stuff has persisted as well.

My Target was no longer carrying this product, opting instead for the new Strawberry Medley version. My small local grocery store still wasn't stocking it either.

We tried the Strawberry Medley All-Bran, but the strawberries were declared unappealing.

We tried a Special K version that had yogurt crunchy things, but Rob didn't like it as much.

We tried original All-Bran, but...have you ever seen that stuff? The morning after Rob tried it he emailed me to say, Uh, NO. The texture, you see, of all those squiggly bran....squiggles, is not so appetizing.

I finally requested the Yogurt Bites version from my small grocery store...and when I didn't hear from them after a couple of days I went looking for it online. Actually, I went looking to see if this line of All-Bran had been discontinued.

It hasn't!

It showed that two of the bigger grocery stores by my Target should have it, but I was heading to Texas and in the interest of getting some of it back in the pantry I ordered some from Amazon.

After returning from Texas, when I went on my weekly grocery shopping trip, I discovered my small, local store had stocked the Yogurt Bites! Yay! So I bought two boxes to show my support, even though I had FOUR boxes coming in the mail.

That afternoon, my Mother-in-law emailed me. On our Texas trip I was telling the story of my search for the Yogurt Bites, you see, and when I mentioned the two larger grocery stores near my Target should be stocking it she vowed she'd check for me. She did check. And she bought me a box.

SEVEN boxes of All-Bran with Yogurt Bites. That's a lot of regularity.

The original All-Bran, we've discovered, has a simple muffin recipe on the side of the box. When you toss about a third of a bag of chocolate chips in you've got Chocolate Chip Bran Muffins...which, now that I type that it kind of sounds like a bathroom accident waiting to happen...

But (HA!), the kids have declared them, "THE BEST MUFFINS EVER!"

Feel free to stop by if you're feeling not so regular; we've got bran to spare.

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