Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Interrupting This Commercial Interruption

I've had it in my head that I was going to work up a post about a couple of commercials that I dislike. Actually, there are probably a lot of ads that fall into such a category, but I don't usually pay commercials that much attention; commercials are for snack breaks, bathroom breaks and delivering stacks of laundry to the appropriate places.

But, there's that one car commercial with the "DUH" theme. It's not catchy enough that I know what car company the commercial is for, but I've been seeing it enough to know that it annoys me.

And, have you seen the ads for WackedAndLooney-Mart that claim gas prices are so high they'd be cRAzy not to shop at W.A.L.-Mart? Hmmm, my experience has been that shopping there can cause a person to become CraZy.

The Sonic improv commercials on the other hand, are pure genius.

This morning however, I took notice of an ad that I've probably been exposed to many times before. The ad is for All-Bran with yogurt bits and it caught my eye because E1 and E2 have been requesting it for some time. I know - requesting All-Bran. It's proven to be tricky to find in our area; it's not at our little grocery store and it's not at The Big Grocery store by my Target. I did find it at that Target the last time I was there and the girls were delighted. It was consumed in a matter of days.

Now, the ad...shows a construction worker in various locations around a construction site, holding the cereal box and extolling the virtues of All-Bran with yogurt bits. But there's a plethora of additional visuals to ensure you know just what the benefit of All-Bran is. It's hardcore commercial viewing, my friends.

Best Week Ever.tv has this to say:

This cereal ad demonstrates for viewers the regularity-enhancing properties of All Bran with all the subtlety of a ton bricks being dropped onto your head. As Jimmy the construction worker goes on about how he’s been having trouble taking a crap, a series of very obvious “anal-ogies” take place at the construction site in the background, leaving you with the desire to do nothing more than scarf down a big bowl of bran flakes, then drop off a big high-grade industrial steel #2 beam in the nearest toilet.


Rebecca said...

The DUH car commercial came on the other nigth for the frillionth time and I groaned and said how much I hated it, and Jeff, completely oblivious, says "What? I don't think I've seen this one before."

Ali said...

I showed the All-Bran commercial to my boys, thinking it was right up their alley, humor-wise. Surprisingly, neither of them got it until I explained it very explicitly. Is that seriously on TV?