Saturday, March 01, 2008

Over A Month Early

I just plopped some cash I'd been stockpiling into Rob's hand and sent him off with the girls to buy himself a new grill. Ours has seen better days - we've had it for 13 years now - and it currently has only one hot spot where the food gets engulfed in flames. He's been talking about trying to find replacement parts for it, but I was hoping none were available so I could get him a new one for his birthday.

Over lunch today, we were discussing what we should have for dinner and decided to grill, which brought about the 'do you want to fight with the grill tonight' conversation. Rob suggested we go over to his Dad's to grill...but his Dad is off galavanting and won't be home in time for dinner.

And so, I told him Happy Birthday early (which caused the girls to begin singing 'Happy Early Birthday to you!') and sent him off to the hardware store. They've just returned home and reports are that there's a new stainless grill out there.

We'll be having tasty, tasty murder for dinner.


Glenda said...

Hey, very exciting!! Happy early birthday, Rob =)

Rodney eyes those gorgeous stainless grills at Lowe's. If he'd give up the cast iron hunkajunks we have (which we might actually get someone to haul off soon), I'd gladly have a purty stainless in their place.

Robo said...

It was a very surprising gift since I'm the one who oversees the finances I was a bit shocked when she gave me the money to go get the grill. I had many questions and it meant a lot that she had saved her pennies and nickels so well. Usually it makes me happy when we DON'T spend extra money on my birthday. This time it was right. Then to top it all off E2 and I got to work side by side to assemble it! A success all the way around.

Lisa said...

Awww. Happy birthday Robo!

Hey, Bic told me today there's going to be a new addition to the family in May -- a girl (Janet and Eric). How exciting. Congrats. Very cool.

Daisy said...

I am so, so envious. Our grill is inaccessible at the moment -- it's buried in snow. Lots of snow.