Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Family Who Reads Together

...goes to get eye exams together. It's something like that, right?

Rob, E1 and I had our eyeballs examined yesterday.

Rob for his annual check-up.

Me because it's been over ten years since my last eye exam.

E1 because a week ago she casually mentioned that she was having trouble seeing some posters at the front of the classroom. After consulting with her teacher via email...and her teacher asking her about the things she couldn't see (some things were printed in a 68pt font!) we added her to our already scheduled appointment.

Why haven't I been to an eye doctor in over ten years? I haven't felt the need to go, of course. I always passed those screenings in grade school, and at my driver's ed exam. In fact, the time I went about 11 years ago was the first time I'd ever been to an eye doctor. The only reason I went that time was because I was changing jobs and the former job had vision insurance - I figured I should at least take advantage of that benefit before I lost it.

My eyes were fine that day - the most eventful part of the exam was when the doctor dilated my eyes...and then forgot I was there. I was the last patient of the day, and thankfully Rob was there to drive me home AND to remind them of my presence because the doctor then had to dilate my eyes again because too much time had passed. I guess that's the one reason having more eye exam experience would have been helpful - I would have known that they'd forgotten me.

Vision exams have changed a bit in the last 11 years - surprising, right? They took digital photos of our eye-innards and we got to see our optic nerves! WOO - good family fun!

Last night my eyes were fine too - a very minor correction that the dr said didn't warrant his recommendation for glasses. Fingers crossed that E2 or E3 inherited my vision!

E1 is a bit excited about her glasses (pink!) and informed us on the way to dinner that her American Girl book (probably The Care and Keeping of You) says that some girls consider their glasses an accessory. We can only hope her delight will last.

[Edit] It is SO wrong that they send you out there to shop for frames while your eyes are dilating. You can barely discern differences in style, much less read the price tag. I kept having to send E1 across the room so I could see how frames looked on her face.


Rebecca said...

oh my gosh, she has to look TOO cute in her pink glasses!

Glenda said...

How jealous am I that you still don't need glasses?!?!

Trying to look at glasses with dilated eyes is about the same as trying to find a dropped contact without having your contacts in to help you see the dropped contact, or trying to pick out glasses when you can't wear your glasses to see what the new frames look like when you have them on ;-).

Pink glasses -- too cute!! Kids glasses are way neater than they were when I was E1's age and had to wear them. A picture of her modeling them, maybe?