Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lunch Anyone?

The girls had an early dismissal day today, and so I prepared the usual early dismissal day lunch of chicken nuggets and cheesy noodles. On the days that I just have E3 and F here for lunch I'm too impatient to wait for nuggets and noodles to cook and opt for something quicker and/or simpler. Like, nuggets and noodles is some elaborate gourmet lunch that I can't be bothered with, right?

So, I start the lunch prep as soon as we got home from picking up F, thinking the big girls would be arriving in about 20 minutes. Twenty-five minutes later, I was wondering where they were....but, maybe they stopped to help E1's teacher clean-up the classroom. Thirty minutes later I called the school...busy....busy...busy. Finally I got through and asked if the girls were still there.

Why, yes, they were. School doesn't dismiss today until 1:45 - not 11:45 like I thought.

Not a big deal, really.

Except I made more lunch than two 4 year-olds and I can possibly consume.

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Daisy said...

You probably weren't the only one to call! I hope the nuggets and noodles make decent leftovers. The younger ones probably enjoyed the "feast".