Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Love Is Respecting The Mama

Getting bright colors when she says no sissy pastels.

...and making sure that everyone knows that "yes, she's really due in two months...I KNOW, she so doesn't look like she's that far along..." without (lovingly) adding, "the hag".

We passed along all our Hawaiian baby-ware.

Happy Love Thursday.


Glenda said...

Great baby gear -- loving those colors!

She so doesn't look like she's due in two months . . .

Shalet said...

What a great gift bag! Happy Love Thursday!

bleeding espresso said...

Well leopard print certainly does *not* say "Sissy" to me!

Happy Love Thursday :)

Janet said...

nice, warm tropical theme :-)

Happy Love Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I told her Thursday night about all of the comments I heard about her looking great, she's all belly, and from the back she doesn't look pregnant. She was so excited because she said she really hoped she would be one of those lucky women.