Friday, February 08, 2008

Sleepover Update 2

Since the after school snack we've eaten fish and french fries, cupcakes and ice cream...and we're about to eat popcorn.

The treat bags were a big hit.

We're witholding movie viewing until such a time as we want to encourage sleep.

E3 thinks she's sleeping downstairs with the big kids. It's going to take some finesse to convince her otherwise without breaking her heart...or maybe it will just take the promise of a shower (which she asks for at least a couple of times a day).

Should I have caffiene or wine with my popcorn?

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Rebecca said...

Awwww. . . poor E3, wanting to be a big girl. I wish I liked showers as much as she does; I'm a bath person living in a house without a bathtub.