Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Need To Eat More Apples

There's a lot of snot and coughing happening around here, mostly from E1 & E3. E1 is maintaining with an antihistamine, but we've had to break out the albuterol inhaler for E3. My children could be used as an example for this research.

I made an appointment for E3's well-child check-up and it was to happen last Monday...but the Dr was sick and the office called to resechdule. We set the date for this morning at 10am according to my calendar...but upon arrival I learned that they had it noted as 11am. They were wrong. I would totally take the blame for the mis-matched times, BUT I pick up nephew F four days a week at 11:30 (the other day we are at gymnastics) and I simply would NOT have scheduled an appointment for 11am - we'd never make it back in time. Most likely, when the office called to reschedule they were slammed with trying to fit everyone in and we got penciled in at the wrong time. Still, it meant that we schlepped over there and un-bundled all for nothing. The earliest they can reschedule us is the end of the month.

I was hoping to get some reassurance that E3's cough and mucousy abundance was not moving into the scary zone today, but I guess we'll just have to keep on going as is. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away I think it's time to start serving them up with every meal.


Lisa said...

Gah. Hate when you take the time to get to the place of your appoitment only to find they've screwed up. (That happened to me yesterday! Course I found that out after waiting for 45 minutes. And got home two minutes before Seth's bus dropped him off.)

Seth has had a cough for weeks now. Hope both kids' coughs clear up soon. Can you pass me an apple? hehee.

Daisy said...

I think it's the season for oranges and grapefruit: vitamin C galore!!