Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Coming up, just on Rob's side of the family:

Two more babies(of the three due this year) -one will be the first cousin my girls have on his side of the family.

Four weddings - one of those engagements just announced this weekend.

Several years ago we took a picture of Great-Grandma and Pop for the cover of the family calendar - well, we always took a picture of them for this, but this particular year we made a chart for them to hold in the picture. The left column showed married grandkids, and the right column showed great-grandbabies produced. WE, of course had E1, and one of the other cousins had also had a baby...but those other four or so couples? We were calling them out.

The expressions on Great-Grandma and Pop's faces were what made the picture though, as they had their palms upturned in a 'what the...?' manner.

Ahhh, memories.

I think we'd need a whole wall to chart marriages and babies now.

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