Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tossed About

I spent some time sifting through the Mamalogues site today looking to quote Dana, but I had no luck.

Some time ago she equated her family's week to being whipped around by a tornado, only to find themselves tossed out at the weekend.

That pretty much sums up our December and start of the new year.

Yesterday we celebrated E3's fourth birthday; she declared it a FUN FUN BIRTHDAY - the FUNNEST EVER!

Today we finally undecorated the Christmas tree and dragged it outside; nephew F will be relieved as he informed me on Friday that Christmas is over and it's Time to put the tree away - his Daddy said.

Tomorrow I get to go to the courthouse again, this time as a witness.

The stuffy-headedness has taken over Rob and is moving in on me. I don't like it.

After tomorrow, we're getting this ship back on it's regular course already.


Lisa said...

Amen. AM so happy to be back to normal chaos. Holiday choas just seems like far to much... chaos.

Anonymous said...

How did it go today?