Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Out With...Well, Some Laughs Anyway

We are not ones to spend New Year's Eve whooping it up and getting all crazy. Pretty much since New Year's Eve 1995, which we marked as the official start of Trying To Conceive, we've been home-bodies on the last night of the year.

Tonight, twelve years later, not much has changed. Oh, there are the three munchkins (and this year their assorted stuffy heads/barfy tummies) added to the scenario, of course, and this year we have the pleasure of Aunt Christine's company...but we still plan to hunker-down for the night.

This evening's agenda includes a meal: salad, shrimp scampi with linguine, and toasted ravioli (except for E3 - we'll be fighting to keep her away from the shrimp and focused on her ice chips since that seems to be all she can keep down).

Followed by an After Dinner Show: Judging from the Welcome Poster and the Program it appears to be titled "A Bright New Year". If it's anything like the last show our kids produced, directed, and performed, Rob, Christine, and I will be laughing through tears until we can no longer breathe.

Also featured, in no particular order: a fire in the fireplace, drinks for the adults made with Rob's new double jigger and penguin shaker, drinks for the kids that feature attached straws, a movie or two, including popcorn from the new Stir-Crazy, and other assorted snacks, and possibly several rounds of the Harry Potter Scene It DVD game (and perhaps a few extra commas thrown in for good measure, eh?).

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

It was a great night. The play was good and I had the uncontrollable giggles. I'm surprised E1 and I won the game of Harry Potter Scene It. The desert sunrise was my favorite drink of the night.

Aunt Christine