Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shopping Like The Hillbillies

Lake Ozark

So, yes, I came back from my outlet shopping adventure without shoes, shoes, and shoes. I cleaned up at Eddie Bauer though, which was nice, and I got a great corduroy jacket too.

Our group was fortunate in that one of the Aunts present has friends with two condos only about a mile from the Osage Beach Outlet mall. Considering the size of our group, this was far nicer than getting hotel rooms. The size of our group, while it didn't surprise me, apparently caused astonishment with some of the other girls' friends and co-workers; there were 18 of us.

Those in attendance:

Grandma's three daughters and three daughters-in-law, 11 of her granddaughters, and me granddaughter-in-law...oh, and one nursling great-granddaughter.

We had breakfast at Panera, and then shopped our feet off from 9am until 7pm when we were to meet for dinner. About 45 minutes before our dinner reservation, my Mother-in-law and I decided we'd visited all the stores we wanted to and so we parked the car in front of the restaurant to hang out and wait. We both sorted through our purses in an attempt to put them back together, what with the various receipts, pre-printed outlet mall coupons, and one dollar bills that had been haphazardly shoved back in throughout the day. I declared myself ready to visit the gentleman's club we'd seen on the way into town I had so many singles; the resulting laughter confirmed that we were slap-happy. I tried my best to chill out with my eyes closed because my eyes were dry, it felt like a migraine was coming on, and my feet and legs were aching.

Our group converged upon Stockton's Pub and Grill for a pre-arranged shop and sip dining package. They made a table big enough for ALL of us and we enjoyed appetizers paired with wines, and generally...just took up space for two hours. The service and the food was fantastic. So was the wine.

Wimmin Folk

Actually, more wine was consumed both Friday and Saturday nights than anything else - the whiskey bucket that was threatened never appeared, the rum and juice I brought were never opened, and only a few beers were consumed.

As we were sitting around the faux fire place, the heat-less flames silently flickering, there were several stories of calls home to flustered, irritated Dad/Husbands and I was so glad that's not how Rob is or ever has been. He just handles things and lets me enjoy myself.

My call home was me complaining that I could probably chop my feet off right at the ankles and not notice because they'd lost most circulation by then, and a group good night with E2 and E3. E1 was at a sleepover, but I'd spoken with her earlier in the day when I called from a shoe store to check shoe sizes, and E1 valiantly sifted through each of their closets to help me out.

Overall, it was a grand weekend - I'm looking forward to next year.


Ali said...

we' the we all could of wasn?t because to a which were as and for was one me.

Um. What? LOL

Glad you had a good weekend with the ladies, sounds like a good chance for bonding. Sorry about the shoes, though.

Lisa said...

YEAY for fun weekends with the wimmin!

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Good question, Ali! Something was lost in the blogger translator there...

Anonymous said...

I'll be saving 2 days of vacation so I can go next year. I'm bummed I missed out. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second! Next year? I'm not so sure about that...