Monday, October 22, 2007

Down Goes Osmond

Did you see Marie Osmond pass out? E1 and I were stunned, like most of the live audience of Dancing With The Stars tonight. I was slightly amused by those in the audience that let out a chuckle - a testament to the silly sense of humor Marie Osmond has shown us this season, I think, assuming they immediately thought she was being overly dramatic about the judge's critique. I realized after she went down that I had been hearing her labored breathing while the judge was talking, but it didn't register at the time. What an odd season this has been.

For the record, Sabrina is my pick to win it. In the past I've never felt that comfortable making a pick this early, but I'm putting my (hypothetical) money on her.

My real money, on the other hand, is going shopping this weekend. I'm stealing away with the women-folk of Rob's family to a condo near an outlet mall. There are 18 of us aunts, cousins, and in-laws; cell numbers have been exchanged and we're smack-talking about the liquor we're bringing. A five-gallon 'whiskey bucket' has been mentioned.

I'll be looking for shoes, and tops, and shoes, and sweaters, and shoes, and maybe some Christmas things. Oh, and maybe some shoes.

My closet is woefully lacking in the shoe department - I've got several pair that I've gotten since having kids (because, of course, the pre-preg shoes never fit again) but almost all of them are the 'these'll do' kind. You know, the kind you get because you need a different pair and you look around and...settle? There will be no settling this weekend, and I look forward to shopping and trying on with no little hanger-ons trying shoes on themselves, and purchasing some well-fitting, sassy zapatos.

Rob has got a busy weekend planned with and/or without the girls, including a soccer team party, cutting firewood, and a sleepover E1 will attend. They will also probably enjoy all the fun things about Mom being gone - like loud music and eating sunflower seeds. All-around fun, I tell ya.


Lisa said...

Sounds like you are to have a fun weekend. Please post pics of the new shoes you'll be buying. :-)

Rebecca said...

It has been such a weird Dancing season, you're right. I think Sabrina will win it, and if she doesn't, I think everyone'll be surprised. She's amazing. I also love love love Helio (mostly because I also love love love Julianne), and I really pull for Jennie and Mel B.

Beth said...

Enjoy the shoes and the adult time! You deserve it!

Daisy said...

Oh, shoes. One of the joys of having a daughter is going shoe shopping with her. Ah, the fun and the memories.