Thursday, July 05, 2007

Peeved Beyond All Measure

E3 had another RAST test for her peanut allergy last Thursday - which she handled just as beautifully as she did the last two times, I might add. This time she even declared the color of her blood to be "cherry".

The result two years ago was 5.9. Last year it was 4.7. Anything below a 2 earns us a trip to the children's hospital for a challenge test. I've been anxiously awaiting this year's result and hoping we had earned a challenge.

This year's test result is 26. Twenty-freaking-six. I am unreasonably angry. And frustrated.

I already called back to confirm that it was 26 and not a mis-reading of a 2.6 result.


Twenty six.


Kirsten said...

Dude,that blows. I am so sorry!

Anonymous said...

As the beloved Aunt Amy once's a good thing she's cute!


Jenn said...

Okay, could you explain what that means? Is a 26 bad? Or good? What is a challenge test?

We don't have any food allergies in our family, so I'm completely ignorant on this issue.

Lisa said...

Matt's wife has a severe peanut allergy. In fact, she has these little shots she has to take with her just in case. Matt even knows how to administer them if needby.

Also, on the peanut allergy. I am amazed at the restaurants that don't even consider peanut allergies.

The day after Matt's wedding, a few months ago, Marc, Seth and I ate brunch at the shrine. There was this super yummy cheesecake. And upon picking it up, I saw nuts at the bottom of the piece. There was no sign, no warning, no nothing. It peeved me to no end. (So head's up in case you ever go there. Cause if they didn't display on their very crowded brunch, what are they hiding in the menu?)

So sorry her test results jumped like that. Wow.