Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Friday Fun

Friday we stopped in at The Muny to pick up tickets for Peter Pan.

Flat Stanley, along for the ride.

Then we stopped at Art Hill.Attempts to actually enjoy the St. Louis Art Museum were met with pleas to return outside to the drippy, overcast weather.

So we went to Turtle Playground.

Welcome to St. Louis; you can have a Bud if you can make it past the vicious turtle.


Kirsten said...

I totally wish we had a turtle park like that! Looks like so much fun. Anything to keep em' busy!

Glenda said...

Andrew asked if the turtle was real LOL. It *is* most cool.

Lisa said...

That are awesome photos. Looks like a great day. Next time you are in St. Louis, let us know. You and the girls are always welcomed to come on over!

Jenn said...

I love St. Louis. There is always something family-oriented to do, and nearly everything is free (or very nearly free!)