Friday, July 27, 2007

Naked Pizza

For over a year now, E1 has been peeling the cheese off her pizza and just eating the toppings and crust. She will eat mozarella melted on crackers, or as cheese sticks. Just not on pizza.

This causes some eye-twitching for Rob and I at the dinner table. She's wasting food. It looks nasty all clumped there on her plate. Rob has even gone so far as to question if she'd rather just eat something else. To this she answers no, she likes all the other parts of her pepperoni pizza.

For a time, we tried to enforce the eat-it-all-or-none policy, but she obviously does not like something about that melted cheese; appearance, or texture, or flavor.

When we have a make-your-own pizza meal using flour tortillas as our personal pizzas she leaves the cheese off. Sauce, pepperoni, and hamburger is all she adds. Her pizza always looks naked.

I have come to the conclusion that it's not the most horrid way for her to be altering her food, even though it crushes my pizza-loving soul to see her slices be defamed in such a manner.

Rob, I think, sometimes still has thoughts of exiling her from pizza consumption - at least in our presence.

What would you do? Discuss.


Glenda said...

I'd let her eat her pizza without cheese.

I don't like veggies on my hamburgers, even tho I like veggies in salads. If a burger comes with veggies, I take them off. Yep, I waste 'em! Course, if I'm asked if I want the veggies on my burger to begin with, I say "no", and then they're not wasted.

When you make pizza at home, she can make it the way she wants it. When you order it and it comes with cheese, she chooses to take off the cheese so she can eat the pizza the way she likes it -- as compared to choosing to not eat anything at all. Sounds like she's making it work for her.

If it bothers you guys to look at a pile of cheese on her plate, ask her to throw it away. That's y'all's issue, not hers ;-). Remember, she didn't ask for the pizza to have cheese on it!

I don't like marinara on my pizza. So when you eat pizza with me, you'll get to look at a pile of marinara sauce on my plate LOL.

Ali said...

I'd let her eat her pizza naked.

Jenn said...

I'd let her eat naked pizza. You could even order a personal sized/small pizza just for her, sans cheese. They'll do it. They do it for one of my lactose-intolerant friends.

Maybe one day she'll change her mind, but, until then, it's not a big deal. At least she's eating veggies! My 15-year-old won't eat ANYTHING green unless its pistachio ice cream.

Glenda said...

Another thought -- if your local grocery store carries the fresh mozzarella balls, you could try melting a bit of that on something for her and she if she likes it. The texture and taste are a good deal different than Kraft and other big commercial brands of mozzarella. In fact, I've gotten to where I don't buy Kraft or similar anymore for sliced or wedged cheese (other than American cheese, which I don't eat anyway); I look for cheeses produced by dairies or companies that specialize in cheese. They have a better mouth-feel when melted, as well as a better taste, IMO. Especially the mozzarella.

amy vogt said...

say what supersalad pea picker?

Rebecca said...

I'd take the cheese from her slice and put it on top of mine. Everyone's happy :)

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Man, my own sister comes out of lurkdom to call me out because I pick peas out of 7-Layer "Super" Salad.

First, the peas just get in the way of all the delicious bacon.

Second, you can't compare 7-Layer Salad to Pizza. They're not even close to being equal.

Third, peas are yucky.

Glenda said...

That's what siblings are for ;-).