Monday, July 23, 2007

Catching Up With Photos

Last week we went to The Muny on the steamiest night in St. Louis so far this summer. Having seen two live performances of Peter Pan in the last five years, I think I can say I prefer seeing a female play the role of Peter.

We watched The Muny Teens before seeing Peter Pan.

Saturday, on the way home from a birthday party,
we visited the newly dug basement of Uncle L's future home (they had a house fire in April).

"We're in the hole! We're in the hole! We're in the hole!"

Sunday was spent at a family reunion, followed by cavorting with the ole John Deere.

Once around the pond for all the grandkids!

It was a full, busy weekend.

I call this one 'Sunset Over Corn'.


Kirsten said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! Isn't it great when not only do the plans go well, but the kids cooperate too?! Looks like they were having a blast!

Jenn said...

Very creative title on "Sunset over corn." :P

What is it with kids and tractors? Every time I get the John Deere out to mow, Unruly is RIGHT THERE demanding a ride. Sheesh.

Daisy said...

I like the photo of th ekids running around the basement-to-be.