Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend Update

Baby Mahlia

E2's first t-ball game


View from my lawn chair in my In-law's back yard.


Rebecca said...

How lucky are you!? I was at the zoo last week and only a glimpse of baby Mahlia would have brightened what was otherwise one awful day... but alas, no Mahlia. It was a rainy day though; so maybe she doesn't like rain, like any other rational elephant.

Lisa said...

Looks like a cool few days.

Anonymous said...

I'm bummed I missed E2's first T-ball game. How did she do? Did she have fun?


Jenn said...

Did you hear the newest baby, Jade, is now making public appearances? I can't wait to go see her!

We saw Maliha a couple of weeks ago...I thought Unruly was going to leap into the elephant pen and try to hug her she was so excited.

Looks like you had a fun past few days.

Julia said...

Looks like a great weekend.