Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm Sending This Missive

Dear Mother Nature,

Please be kind.

Love, hugs, and kisses,


Update on my listmaking skills: I realized Friday that I'd forgotten to notify E1's religion teachers of her absence, so I had to jot a hasty note that morning (E1 later told me she'd already informed them of the trip). Also Friday morning, I realized I'd forgotten to mention the trip to the parents of the 2nd grader that walks to school with E1 each morning. I can't even begin to imagine the immense guilt I would have felt when I realized I'd left the little dude knocking at our door to no avail. Thankfully, the sitter next door mentioned it to his mom.

Sheesh, stinkin' list.


Glenda said...

Ugh, this weather is horrible. I hope you all are safe.

I read the article on CNN and saw there was a tornado in San Marcos (Tx). I lived there my senior yr in high school and several years thereafter (it's between Austin and San Antonio). DH was traveling from San Antonio to home this morning and I wondered about tornadoes, as it was in the 70's in San Antonio and in the 30's here --- warm and cold air mixing usually result in tornadoes.

We've had snow flurries, teeny tiny ones, on and off today, and the drizzle has frozen in areas. Tomorrow is supposed to be icy. I'm sure glad Rodney made it home today. But I'm sure worried about anyone who has to travel in the ice, whether by car or train.

Keep us posted, please.

Nancy said...

Thanks, I'll try!

My bil & sil made it out this morning, and mil & fil made it out this evening. Hopefully, whatever we get will be work-able by Mon night/tues am.