Friday, December 01, 2006

Ice, Ice, Baby

The un-seasonal weather of two days ago is a thing of the past.
Today we have this:

And this:

The girls had big plans of snowballs and sledding on this impromptu day off, but all they managed was to pick tiny icicles off of as many things that they could.

The Girl Scout sock-hop, scheduled for tonight, was also cancelled due to the weather, which resulted in E1 & E2 cursing the very snow and ice that had given them this day off of school...

E2: “I hate snow and ice.”

E1: “Yeah. Why can’t it just stay green? It’s only December first; it’s not like it’s winter or anything.”


Anonymous said...

Bummer about the sock-hop getting cancelled.

Yeah, that snow and ice can be darn inconvenient once you've had your fun with it ;-)

Wacky Mommy said...

Love the pix. It's back to rain here -- my kids want snow.

Lisa said...

Amen little ladies!