Wednesday, October 25, 2006

World Series 2006

Did you see?!! The Cardinals won game three! Squee! Yippie!

I could go on endlessly in rhyme, but I'll spare you.

Last night, as we sat watching the final innings of the game, I wondered aloud...

N- Do they still name the World Series? You know, like if the Mets played the Yankees it'd be the Subway Series or if the Cardinals played the Royals it'd be the I-70 Series. Or has that gone out of style?

After all, we no longer have game-ending home runs. They're WALK-OFF home runs. Things change.

R - I don't know. I guess it depends on how easy it is to name.

But shortly after, when a ball popped up and nipped catcher Ivan Rodriguez in the sensitive private parts, leaving him writhing on the ground, I had my answer.

N- Having that happen to Molina in game 2, and tonight to Rodriguez, it must be the Ball-Buster Series.


Robo said...

Only a woman would find that funny.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was rather creative LOL, but then I don't have balls to bust ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nancy, you are so clever! It's ashame my brother doesn't always see your humor as I do.