Friday, October 27, 2006

Tempting Fate

***Warning: potty learning post ahead***

I'm going out on a limb here (knocking on wood as I go, of course).

I declare E3 to be potty proficient! (insert sound of trumpet blasts here)

I know, I know, I'm asking for it, but I'm making the announcement anyway. Last. Child. Out. Of. Diapers. It's cause for celebration, man.

I'm not even feeling a twinge of "Oh, my baby! No longer in diapers! Boo Hoo!" I'm too busy dancing a jig at the thought of our January vacation - DIAPERLESS! No diapers to pack! No diapers to buy when we get there! No swim diapers!! WOOHOOOOOO!

E3 has been dry through the night and naps for some time now, but we were still putting diapers on at night because we're a bit lazy and didn't want to hassle with the sleep interruptions and extra laundry. She's been great about telling us when she needs to go, and still, when we'd go out - particularly to gymnastics - I'd have her wear a pull-up. The thought of her having a potty accident in the foam pit was too much for me to bear. However, yesterday I sucked it up and put her in underwear and she did just fine. Last night, she slept in underwear as well, and again, did just fine.

This started back in late August, so it's been two months of extra laundry as she 'practiced' wearing underwear around the house. That weekend in August, it was as though things finally clicked as far as her ability, and recognition of that ability, to hold and release at will. This weekend, the pooping skill caught up with the peeing skills.

Thus, my happy dance.

Raise your box of raisins in a toast to diaper-free living!


Anonymous said...

Consider a box of raisins duly raised here! No more diapers = very, very nice!!

Lisa said...

YEAY E3! Very cool.

Julia said...
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Julia said...

Good job, E3!

(Sorry, I forgot you use abbreviations.)