Thursday, June 15, 2006

Human "Resources"? How about Human "pain in the butt"?

For those of you who are employees only and don't have to hire (or even worse - fire) personnel, let me tell you, you're a pain. Scariest thing the boss can hear is "Hey, got a minute?). Usually means trouble for the boss. Doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to the boss about your troubles, just realize that you've just added a high priority issue to his task list. But that's why he gets the proverbial big bucks.

We're hiring a new draftsman at work and it's my job to sort through applicants and pick one that will do a good job and not drive everyone crazy with whatever strange personal traits they may or may not have. In 12 years of being VP I've gotten it right about 4 times (not counting the awesome hires my cousins turned out to be, but they were all part time). I'm hitting lower than Yadier Molina. Only difference is I don't have the defensive skills to offset it.

If there's a Saint to pray to for making a good hire, let me know. My first hand-picked recruit turned me down because he wants to be, of all things, an architect. Well, good luck with that.

If only my kids were older, I could employ more nepotism and force them to learn Autocad. I'd do it too. Heck, they're lucky the coal mine closed down or they'd be chipping in like I had to at their age. The only difference from my childhood would be the lack of beatings. (Sorry Mom, the truth will come out).