Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day After Blogging

*Kind of like Live blogging...only from my DVR instead of live.

Dancing With The Stars is back! I'm trying to catch up on last night's episode before tonight's begins - there was a DVR crises here last night as we had the Cardinal's game, the Rams on Monday Night Football, DWTS, AND The Sing Off. Our DVR only records two programs at once. So, we recorded football and DWTS, and watched The Sing-Off while checking in on the Cardinals.

Really tv people, there's something be said for carving out your own spot in prime time instead of all this competition stuff.

Anyway - so far I'm impressed with Nancy Grace's dance - she just looked so happy.

What does it say about my watching history that I saw the start of Elisabetta's dance and thought "Len's not going to like that." That doesn't mean I watch this too much, right?

It doesn't sound like theyre dancing again tonight before the first elimination. I prefer getting to see the contestants in two dances before they give someone the axe and I wish they would do that every season.

Brooke seems to be a little more comfortable - FINALLY.

Hope looks like she's going to be a good match for Maks.

Does anyone else find themselves rooting for the professionals? Like, some of them are so familiar that I just want them to win for once. Maybe it's because I don't know many of the contestants.

Dang, I've got a DVR crises again tonight! Glee, Parenthood, DWTS, and Rob and E1 are AT the Cardinal's game sitting a little ways up behind home plate. They want me to record the game in case they're on tv, but the DVR is saying there will be a conflict. Stinking DVR's - suck you in with the convenience and then make you feel like you need More, More, More.

Hey, J.R. Martinez is pretty good - keep your feet on the floor Karina!

I think it would really suck to be the person who has to run the judges scores from the judge table back to wherever they run it.

I mean, how many DVR's should a person/household need? How am I supposed to get sucked in to any of the new fall shows if I can't manage the shows I currently watch on the DVR we have? I think TV execs need to plan the schedules better.

Ricki Lake has 'beautiful lines'.

Hmmm, looks like I may have to explain 'transgendered' to my children this season. Although, at the rate we're going, they'll be too busy to ever watch tv with me this fall. Dang punks.

Not bad, Chaz Bono. Think he'll dance to I Got You Babe this season?

Those poor people have to hike up all those stairs after dancing to the point of being out of breath! Do they figure they'll be running on adrenaline and won't mind? Sheesh.

Must go now - will be up all night trying to catch up on my DVR'd shows.

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