Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hacking My Way Through

I think I'm on the backside slope of a cold...I say think, because every time I feel like I'm doing better I spend the next day...or even that afternoon, feeling like crud. I've been trying to power through it today, which pretty much guarantees I'll feel like roadkill tonight donchathink?

It reminds me of an office I worked in where my office was across the hall from the bathroom. This is a great thing when you're pregnant - practically instant access is good!

It's not such a great thing when someone is ill, and can be slightly mortifying on both sides when you offer to grab someone a 7-up or something to settle their stomach...and they realize you heard them right as you realize they didn't realize hurling can be heard outside the bathroom. Watching Ally McBeal never prepared me for such awkwardness.

But! The reason it reminds me of that job is because one of the administrative/secretarial/assistant ladies was (as far as I could tell) a life-long smoker. At least once a day, usually mid-morning, prior to her lunch/smoke hour, she would make her way into the bathroom and proceed to attempt to expel her lungs...and perhaps some other organs as well...by means of a hacking, hoarking cough that would make Garfield and Puss-n-Boots (Shrek version) VERY proud.

Removing herself to the restroom was a nice gesture, to the other employees...but that was usually when I would have a strong urge to go...do, or find, or see...something else...in some other part of the building.

Here's to hoping my cough ends soon, and that my lungs remain inside my body. I've never smoked, so the odds should be in my favor...right?

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