Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finding Our Way

We found a playground! E3's art teacher said she thought there was a small playground by the Campus Apartments, but "that's way out there". Today we were early for E1 and E2's drop off and took a drive there.

In better weather it would be easily walk-able from campus...but with the heat and humidity we've been having, even though today was a bit cooler than the past three days, I chose to drive there. And we did, after dumping the two all-day campers at the curb of the library.

There was playground frolicking, followed by a walk along the path that borders the lake...and then our 30 minutes was up on the parking meter. So, we headed back to campus to park and go on a nature walk.

E1 & E2 went on this same walk as part of their recreational activities yesterday and told us all about it. It was quite lovely, and we even came across something E3 had been wishing for earlier in the week.

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