Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life List #17 - C'mon Baby, Drive South

Drive South was one of many songs running through my mind as we headed out of town for Rob's business conference. This year we were bound for New Orleans and left a day early to break up the drive.

We spent the night in Memphis.

Rum Boogie Cafe is still our favorite. Gumbo, catfish, and live music - yum.

The next morning we set off for New Orleans. We stopped for gas before we got back on the interstate only to realize we were already in Mississippi; they're missing a 'Welcome to Mississippi' sign somewhere.

So - new state alert for the Life List! I thought it would be fun to stop for lunch in Jackson, all Johnny Cash-like, but had failed to research anything before we left. Instead we used restaurant finding apps, and after a little wandering around found George's Museum Cafe.

There's a sign in the cafe stating it's rumored that George Washington slept there.

If that cat could talk, what tales he'd tell...

But the cat was cool and he never said a mumbling word.

We walked through the museum courtyard to stretch our legs a little...and because Rob went a little crazy when he saw chicken fried steak and gravy on the lunch line...and I went a little crazy with a slice of pecan pie.

It's a nice little 'good old days' kind of place that probably sees a lot of school field trips, but that day it nicely served the purpose of adding another state to my list.

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Robo said...

Whoa, haven't heard - or event thought of - that song in quite some time. Thanks for that link.

Of course it's going to be stuck in my head for a long time. That means your children are going to hear it and get it stuck in their impressionable heads and it will come full circle at you.