Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It's Wednesday Already

  • This whole Charlie Sheen thing is getting so weird. I would think it's hard enough to see a loved one spiral out of control, much less to see it happen on national television. It makes me wonder what Brittany Spears thinks about all of it.

  • I'm looking forward to the return of Dancing With The Stars, as usual, especially now that we have a DVR and 'missing' a broadcast will be easier. I caught the end of the line-up announcement the other day, where they were just listing the participants, and stopped to watch so I could let the girls know who would be involved...except there's no one that they will recognize. I think every season there's fewer 'stars' that I recognize.

  • Speaking of the DVR - my reliance upon it has caused me to lose track of what night/time my favorite shows are on...sort of like how cordless and cell phones have caused us all to not know anyone's phone numbers from memory anymore.

  • The new Volkswagon mini-bus doesn't look as spacious as I remember them being...does it only seat six? I think it needs to at least seat eight or ten before it can be called a 'bus', don't you?

  • Since my cold last week my left ear has felt clogged - almost like a pressure thing from flying on an airplane. I took the advice of my Facebook pals and started some decongestant...but so far it's not helping. I look forward to hearing normally out of that ear again soon.

  • Do you have a favorite website for travel deals? Is there one that watches all the other travel I could put in my dates and qualifications and it would alert me just for those? In related news: it makes me inordinately happy that we will NOT need one single car seat for our Hawaii trip.

  • Amanda Seyfried was on Letterman last night, and she was...completely not what I expected. She was more immature than I expected her to be, and quite guarded with Dave.

  • I sorted through my Yahoo email account this morning, and as usual as I was waiting for it to log in I scanned their 'Trending Now' box. I'm always amused by the randomness of the items there and today was not disappointing: Melissa Gilbert, Sirhan Sirhan, Bristol Palin, and car sales were included in their top 10 trending topics. Heh.

  • Dentist this afternoon - fingers crossed for no cavities!

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