Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joining The Food Revolution

I don't remember what inspired me to request Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook...oh, yes I do! I flipped through the cookbook while at the bookstore one day, and since there were only a couple of recipes that I thought that would work for us, borrowing the cookbook instead of purchasing it seemed like a better plan.

One of the recipes that looked tasty, yet simple (my two favorite qualities in a recipe) was Ground Beef Wellington. Since this is Ground Beef Wellington, I'm curious to know what Beef Wellington is usually made with. If I had to guess, I'd say beef tenderloin, but I'm too lazy to research it right now.

A quick search did not reveal his recipe, so you may have to request the cookbook from your own library. It was simple...but I still forgot to add the frozen peas. I don't like peas, but I got some for this recipe and figured I could pick them out...and then I didn't remember them anyway...I didn't miss them though.

Here's what it looked like as it went into the oven.

And here it is after I pulled it out of the oven.
I guess I didn't seal the bottom seam well enough, because some juices leaked out - not a lot, but it was noticable. The meat inside held it's shape very well - I expected it to crumble as I sliced it open, but the slices held together nicely.

It was really good - just delicious. The girls...if I recall correctly, E1 liked it...E3 as well...but I think E2 tried to dissect it (she does that with a lot of things though). Rob enjoyed it, but feels it would be even better with gravy .

He thinks that about a lot of dishes though.


Glenda said...

Is it sort of like a stew wrapped in pastry?

I watched him make a beef and Guiness pot pie kind of thing recently. I'm not much into beef or Guiness, but it sure looked tasty ;-).

I love watching him cook. It's so . . . organic. He doesn't often use measuring cups or things like that, and that's one of the things I enjoy most. He has a natural gift for cooking.

Nancy R said...

Yeah, sort of...or more like meatloaf. It's not dry, but there isn't a lot of extra juices.