Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reading Bender

I've been swept away by young adult fiction lately. I think the last grown-up book I read was the second book based on the TV show Castle - Naked Heat. How's that for deeply intellectual? School book orders, where all the cool people now obtain their books.

I moved on to finish the Ghost Girl (this link has sound) series I began reading when E1 borrowed them from a friend. Both were equally entertaining, but maybe a little less so than the first book if only because I knew the general gist of the story background.

From there, I moved on to one of E1's choices The Gallagher Girl Series. Since we already had books 1-3, I was assured reading material for an extended period of time, right? Except young adult fiction, unless it's something mucho big like Harry Potter*, isn't usually all that much in the way of loads of pages to read.

Really though, this series is super cool and very entertaining - a secret spy school for girls! HI-YA! E1 received the fourth book as a Christmas gift, which we both soon devoured...only to be crushed by the news that the fifth book in the series won't be out until early 2012. ARGH! She and I agree that is an unreasonable amount of time to wait before learning Cammie's fate. I may try to track down The Heist Society, which sounds like the alter-ego (in book form) to The Gallagher Girls.

Next, it was the first of the two books in The Sisters Club , books I ordered -because three sisters that form a club? Yep. I've only read the first book, despite having both on the shelf, but it was cute and I think my girls, especially E2 and E3 will find it very entertaining.

Finally, a few days ago I started one of E2's selections, Flipped (I couldn't find the author's website), now a major motion picture! The first chapter was a bit slow to start for me, but last night I picked it up again (cable went out, so I couldn't watch Parenthood) and got sucked-in big time. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm really, really, really enjoying it. I think I'll finish it today. The book I've linked to is what we have from the school book order, and it includes photos from the movie. Unfortunately, the photos are in the middle of the I've avoided looking at them so I don't spoil the ending for myself.

Although not Young Adult fiction, I have been reading Ivy and Bean books with E3. We gave her the first one at Kindergarten graduation, and she received the next two books as birthday gifts from her sisters. I'm trying to put in more time there, because girlfriend is convinced she doesn't read very well even though she SO DOES.

E3: I can't read chapter books.
Me: Yes you can - remember Lost In The Snow? You read almost half of it before I started reading it at bedtime.
E3: Yeah, but I had to skip some words I didn't know!

Perfection, it is her nemesis.

*Totally worthy of mucho bigness, by the way. In fact, I'm still waiting for J.K.Rowling** to write Hogwarts - A History so we can all know as much as Hermione does about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

**E3 recently learned J.K.Rowling is a woman...E3: I thought a boy wrote Harry Potter. (big satisfied smile at the realization).

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